Monday, July 30, 2012

TV3-117 and TV7-117 Turboshaft Engine Family

The TV3-117VM/TV3-117VMA turboshaft engine family features a single-shaft configuration. The 12-stage compressor has a variable-area guide vane. The combustion chamber is of a straight-flow annular type. The engine has a twostage free turbine with the overspeeding protection. The exhaust pipe deflects the gas flow by 60 deg. The engine has an electronic-hydromechanical control system.

The engine is designed to power the Mi-8AMT, Mi-8MT, Mi-8MTV, Mi-14, Mi-17, Mi-171, Mi-172, Mi-24, Mi-28, Mi-35, Ka-27, Ka-28, Ka-29, Ka-31, Ka-32, Ka-50, and Ka-52 helicopters. The TV3-117 is one of the world’s most efficient engines in its class. It is easy to operate, maintain and repair. Introduction of the emergency thrust mode allows the helicopter to land safely with one engine failed. A dust guard can be installed.

TV7-117 Turboshaft Engine

Operation of the TV3-117 engine for 25 years in 60 countries has proved its exceptional reliability. The TV3-117VM/VMA is certificated by the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee and by corresponding bodies of Canada, China, and India.

Turboshaft engine family incorporates the VK-800, VK-1500VM, VK-2500, VK-3000 (TV7-117) and VK-3500 engines. High-end technologies, latest electronic digital systems, soft/hardware and monitoring and diagnostic equipment considerably improve capabilities of helicopters equipped with the new turboshaft engines. These engines differ from the old versions in extended overhaul period of the engine hot components, extra gas-dynamic stability at varying duties, engine parameters accuracy and engine control quality, enhanced monitoring depth providing operation of the engine according to its technical condition and better weight characteristics and overall dimensions.

Mi-38 helicopter

The VK-800 turboshaft engine of the fifth generation is designed to equip the Mi-54, Ansat and Ka-226 type helicopters. The VK-800V derivative was developed for the power units of helicopters of small and large load-carrying capacity, both in twin- and single-engine configuration. The engine parameters meet the requirements of the tested model of a centrifugal compressor and the single-stage un-cooled turbines. All this simplifies the engine design and reduces expenses for its manufacture and operation. Moreover, the enhanced characteristics of the main units of the engine provide its high efficiency.

The VK-1500VM engine is a turboshaft derivative with the power shaft in a backward position. It was developed for the Mi helicopters fitted with the TV2-117 engines. The VK-2500 turboshaft engine is a highpower derivative of the well-know TV3-117VMA engine. By its fuel efficiency and weight characteristics, the engine holds a firm place among the best world’s models. Modern control system improves the engine performance and provides its high reliability and long service life.

The new VK-3000 (TV7-117V) is based on the certified TV7-117 turboshaft engine. It is unitized
with the base engine by 90 %. The engine has two versions:


- with the power shaft in a forward position TV7-117V(VМ) engine for the Mi-38 heli copter and its derivatives

- with the power shaft in a backward position TV7-117VK engine for upgrading the Mi-28 and Ka-50/Ka-50-2 helicopters. The VK-3500 engine is designed for the Mi-38 helicopters.


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