Sunday, July 29, 2012

D-436TP and D-30KP Turbojet Engine

D-436TP Turbojet Engine

The D-436TP turbofan features a three-shaft configuration with minimum number of bearing supports. It has a modular design. The transonic fan is of a single-stage type. The low-pressure compressor has six stages, and the high-pressure compressor has seven stages. The engine has an annular combustion chamber. The lowpressure turbine is single-staged, and the highpressure turbine is three-staged. The engine is equipped with a thrust reverser, an electronichydromechanical control system and universal
attachment fittings.

D-436TP Turbojet Engine

The D-436TP turbofan engine is designed for the Be-200 aircraft. It boasts high reliability ensured by a longtime operating experience of the D-36 engine. is easy to maintain, and can be operated in sea
environment. The engine demonstrates stable operation in spite of sharp air inflow temperature inversions during forest fire-fighting missions. The engine complies with standing and future ICAO noise and emission requirements.

D-436TP Specifications
Thrust, kgf:
take-off mode (H=0, M=0, ISA+15) 7,500
cruising mode
(H=11,000 m, M=0.75, ISA) 1,500
Specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf/h:
take-off mode (H=0, M=0) 0.370
cruising mode (H=11,000 m, M=0.75) 0.608
Bypass ratio 4.98
Pressure ratio (total) 22.17
Gas temperature before the turbine, oK 1,520
Dimensions fan diameter, mm 1,373
Engine dry weight, kg 1,450

D-30KP Turbojet Engine

The D-30KP engine features a two-shaft configuration with exhaust mixing from both ducts. The two-rotor compressor has a three-stage first rotor and an eleven-stage second rotor. The engine has a cannular combustion chamber. The high-pressure turbine has two stages, and the low-pressure turbine has four stages. The nozzle, common for both ducts, has a blade mixer and a mixing chamber. This is Russia’s first production engine to feature cooled rotor blades of the first stage and a clamshell reverser, which does not affect the engine performance at the thrust mode.

Il-76TD Aircraft

Variants D-30KP engine
The D-30KP Series 2 engine provides the design take-off thrust at the ambient air temperature of +30oC. The engine is installed on the Il-76TD, Il-76MD, Il-76TP, Il-78, and A-50 aircraft. The D-30KPV version (without reverser) is developed for the A-40 aircraft.


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