Saturday, July 28, 2012

R-95Sh and R-195 Turbojet Engines High Technology

The R-95Sh and R-195 engines feature a two-shaft configuration and a modular design. There is a three-stage low-pressure compressor without a guide vane, and a five-stage high-pressure compressor. The cannular combustion chamber has twin nozzles. The lowand high-pressure turbines are single-staged. There is no afterburner, and the nozzle is of a fixed-area type.

The R-95Sh and R-195 turbojet engines are noted for ease of operation, high reliability and combat survivability. They can withstand 23mm round hits, and retain operability after considerable damage (combat proven cases). The R-195 engine is a derivative of the R-95Sh engine. It features increased thrust, improved maintainability, reduced IR signature, and enhanced stability during missile launch.
The R-195 is fully interchangeable with the R-95Sh engine.

R-95Sh Turbojet Engine
R-195 Turbojet Engine

The R-95Sh engine is fitted on Su-25K, Su- 25UBK, and Su-25SMK aircraft. The R-195 engine is designed for the Su-39 aircraft.

Turbojet Engines Specifications
                                                                R-95Sh                             R-195
Thrust, kgf:
max continuous (H=0, M=0)                       4,100                               4,300
emergency (H=0, M=0)                                –                                    4,500
Specific fuel consumption
at take-off, kg/kgf/h                                    0.860                               0.890
Air consumption, kg/sec 67 66
Pressure ratio 8.7 9.0
Gas temperature before the turbine, oK       1,148                               1,188
Dimensions (without accessories), mm:
length                                                         2,700                               2,880
max diameter                                              772                                   805
Engine dry weight, kg                                  830                                   860


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