Saturday, July 28, 2012

AL-21F-3 and RD-33 Turbo Jeet

The AL-21F-3 engine features a single-shaft configuration. The 14-stage compressor has a sophisticated control system. The cannular combustion chamber has 12 flame tubes. The three-stage turbine is of an impulse-reaction
type. The blades of the first and second turbine stages are cooled with the bleed air taken fromThe compressor. The afterburner has three annular stabilisers and six fuel manifolds with spray and swirl-type nozzles. A perforated screen is
installed to ensure internal cooling. The fully variable area propelling nozzle consists of the subsonic
convergent and supersonic divergent rims.

AL-21F-3 engine

AL-21F-3 Specifications
Thrust (H=0, M=0, ISA), kgf:
max continuous 7,800
min afterburner 9,700
full afterburner 11,250
Specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf/h:
economy power (H=0, M=0) 0.80
cruising mode 0.76
max continuous 1.86
Air consumption, kg/sec 104
Pressure ratio 14.55
Gas temperature before the turbine, oK 1,385
Dimensions, mm:
length /diameter 5,340/1,030
Engine dry weight, kg 1,800

RD-33 Turbofan Engine

The RD-33 engine has a two-shaft turbine configuration with exhaust mixing in the afterburner. The engine features a modular design. The lowpressure compressor has four stages; the highpressure compressor has nine stages. The engine has a short annular combustion chamber and single-stage low- and high-pressure turbines. The afterburner is common for both ducts. The engine
features a variable-area supersonic propelling nozzle. Due to good gas-dynamic stability, the RD-33 engines do not impose any limitations on piloting and feature high spool-up capacity. The RD-33 is designed to power the MiG-29 fighter family.

RD-33 Turbofan Engine
MiG-29 aircraft

The RD-33 Series 3 engine with an  service life is designed to power MiG-29M, MiG- 29M2, MiG-29K and MiG-29KUB aircraft. The RD-33N engine is designed to power the Mirage F1 fighter upgrade. It has a bottom gearbox, and can also be fitted on MiG-21 and Mirage III aircraft upgrades. The RD-93 engine was developed for the Chinese FC-1 aircraft. The RD-133 engine is designed for the MiG-29 aircraft. It features a fully variable nozzle with thrust vectoring and a new automatic hydromechnical electronic control system.


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