Sunday, July 29, 2012

AL-31F Turbofan Engine Technology

AL-31F Turbofan Engine Technology. The AL-31F engines have modular design, with a four-stage variable low-pressure compressor and a two-shaft turbine. The nine-stage high-pressure compressor has a variable-area first group of stages. The combustor is of an annular type. The single-stage high and lowpressure turbines have active radial clearance control. The air-to-air heat exchanger of the cooling system is placed in the external duct, and is fitted with a device preventing air flow in dry-thrust engine operation mode. 

The afterburner is common for both ducts. The supersonic nozzle has a variable-area design. The engine has a top-mounted gearbox, a looped oil system, and an autonomous startup system. The main control system is electronic, while the auxiliary one is hydraulic. The engine features a surge termination system and high gas-dynamic stability of the compressor.

AL-31F Turbofan Engine

The AL-31F engines are available both in standard and tropicalised variants. They are operational in a wide altitude/airspeed envelope, and provide stable operation in deep air intake surge modes at Mach numbers of up to 2.0, in controlled, inverted and flat spins, and enable execution of aerobatics in the dynamic operation mode at negative airspeeds of up to 200 km/h. The engines boast high gas dynamic stability and durability, enabling their operation in extreme conditions with air intake pressure irregularities and pulsing.

Variants AL-31F Turbofan Engine Technology
- The AL-31F engine is designed for installation in the Su-27, Su-30, Su-32, and Su-35 aircraft.

- The AL-31F Series 3 engine is designed to power the Su-33 aircraft.

- The AL-31FN engine is a development of the AL-31F engine featuring both bottom and top
gearboxes designed for the Chinese J-10A aircraft.

- The AL-31FP engine is another development of the AL-31F engine with a swiveling nozzle for the Su-30MK.


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