Saturday, July 28, 2012

Technology R25-300 Turbojet Engine

Technology R25-300 Turbojet Engine

The R25-300 two-shaft, two-rotor engine with afterburner has a three-stage low-pressure compressor and a five-stage high-pressure compressor, a cannular combustion chamber, single staged low and high pressure turbines, and a fixed-area nozzle. The two-stage afterburner allows high-altitude air combat.

The R25-300 Turbojet engine’s main advantages are convenient maintenance, a continuous range of afterburning modes control with smooth thrust change, and easy single-handle control. The engine has two afterburning modes: afterburner and emergency thrust. The engine is designed to power the MiG-21 family aircraft. The R25-300-94 is designed to power the MiG-21-93 aircraft. It has an integrated hydroblade drive generator with multiplier and a reinforced gearbox drive chain.

R25-300 Specifications
Thrust (H=0, M=0, ISA), kgf:
emergency thrust 7,100*
afterburner 6,850
Specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf/h 0.91
Air consumption, kg/sec 68.5
Pressure ratio 9.1
Gas temperature before the turbine, oK 1,353
Dimensions, mm:
length 4,615
max diameter 907
Engine dry weight, kg 1,215


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