Tuesday, December 7, 2010

India And Pakistan Made Technologies UAV

India made Lashya UAV and Nishant UAV

India has been a major buyer of UAVs, especially from Israeli manufacturers. But government and military officials also have been pushing for an increased indigenous capability. One way to upgrade the country’s own
technology is through joint development programs with others, as announced at Aero India 2009 in February. Ashok Baweja, chair of Hindustan Aeronautics, reported that HAL and Israeli Aerospace Industries have undertaken a joint program to develop helicopter UAVs. Baweja said one prototype has been developed for trial, and that India’s navy has placed an order for eight of the new UAVs. India’s primary UAV manufacturer has been DRDO, with its mid-size Rustom, Lakshya UAV, and Nishant/Gagan UAV reconnaissance and surveillance platforms.

Facing a growing Indian UAV capability, and angry over U.S. UAV operations against al- Qaida and its supporters along the Afghan border, Pakistan has been seeking to advance its own unmanned capabilities, already among the most vigorous in the region. More than half a dozen companies are reported to have at least 30 UAV models under development or in production. The most active is Integrated Dynamics. All of the known Pakistani UAVs are small, short-range aircraft, primarily designed for reconnaissance and surveillance or as aerial targets.


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