Tuesday, July 31, 2012

RD-1700 Bypass Turbojet Engine

RD-1700 Bypass Turbojet Engine Tecnology. The RD-1700 bypass turbojet engine is designed for the MiG-UTS trainer aircraft (МiG-АТ version). The RD-1700 is a miniature bypass turbojet engine without afterburner with a fixed-area nozzle. The engine version with afterburner was also developed with the
fixed- and variable-area nozzles. The engine uses a two-shaft configuration, has a two-stage fan, a four stage high-pressure compressor and a two-stage turbine with the cooled blades. The RD-1700 Bypass Turbojet Engine is a base engine for the family of the bypass turbojet engines with a thrust of 2,000 to 3000 kgf.

RD-1700 Bypass Turbojet Engine

RD-1700 Specifications
Maximum thrust, kgf 1,700
Specific fuel consumption, kg / (kgf.h) 0.7
Air flow rate, kg/s 30

pressure 14.1
bypass 0.78
length, mm 1,915
diameter, mm 621
Engine dry weight, kg 298


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