Monday, July 30, 2012

PS-90A Turbofan Engine Technology

PS-90A Turbofan Engine. The PS-90 turbofan engine features a twoshaft configuration with exhaust mixing from both ducts. It has a reverser inside the bypass duct. The engine comprises 11 modules. The
single-stage fan has titanium blades. The lowpressure compressor has two stages, and the high-pressure compressor has 13 stages. The engine has a cannular combustion chamber. The cooled high-pressure turbine has two stages, and the low-pressure turbine has four stages. The engine has a two-channel digital
control system. Advanced control and monitoring system provides timely engine malfunction
detection and on-condition maintenance.

PS-90A Turbofan Engine

The unified PS-90A engine is designed to power the Tu-204, Tu-214, Tu-330, Il-76MF, Il-76T/TD, and Il-96-300 aircraft. In 1992 the engine got the Interstate Aviation Committee and ICAO noise and emission certificates. Introduction of more stringent ICAO requirements will not pose a problem for PS-90A-powered aircraft as only minor upgrading of the standard engine and air intake noise-absorption
system will be required.

The PS-90A-76 derivative has an extended service life and improved acoustic and emission characteristics. It is designed to power the Il-76MF aircraft, and can also be installed on the Il-76T/TD and Il-86 aircraft. The PS-90A2 derivative boasts enhanced reliability, improved efficiency, and simplified maintenance.

Il-76MF aircraft

PS-90A Turbofan Engine Specifications
                                                                       PS-90A                           PS-90A2
Thrust, kgf:
take-off mode (H=0, M=0, ISA)                 16,000                             16,000
cruising mode
(H=11,000 m, V=850 km/h)                        3,500                               3,700
Specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf/h
cruising mode (H=11,000,
V=850 km/h)                                                0.595                                 0.595
Air consumption, kg/sec 470 470
Dimensions, mm:
fan diameter                                                1,900                                  1,900
length 5,333 4,964
Engine dry weight, kg                                2,950                                    2,950


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