Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The First Field Spaniel Club Show Dog Food and Dog Supplies

The first ever Field Spaniel club show was organized in May 2009 in Rönnvik wineyard in Pälkäne. The judge was Chris Attwood from the home country of the breed, Great Britain. The turn out was unexpected, 40 Field Spaniels, which is unheard of in one dog show. The normal amount of Field Spaniels in the biggest show of the year, the Finnish Winner Show is around 15. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t favourable to the show, but a heavy rain started to fall at the same time judging started. We are lucky our dogs are not made of sugar, but held the rain like the water monsters they are! The rain caused a lot more suffering to the handlers and show organisers, however.

Also the age span of the showed dogs was impressive from 5 months to nearly 12 years of age. Unlike most
shows, the Club Show accepted all Field Spaniels, including neutered males, and everyone received a written evaluation. There was 8 puppies, 17 adult males and 15 adult females. We also had 4 breeder groups. In addition to normal judging classes, the winners were selected for seven special classes; the best head, best body, best temperament, best tail, best movement and best colouring, which was separated into self-coloured (including white chested dogs) and coloured Field Spaniels.

The Club Show also featured a massive 100 prize draw, which has become somewhat of a tradition in the Finnish Club events; there’s usually more prizes than there are people attending! The prizes included dog food and dog supplies amongst other items. The club is planning to repeat the show next year, and a lovely spring weather has been pre-ordered for the event.


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