Tuesday, January 25, 2011

English Springer Dog History and Enlarging the Gene Pool

Thinking to enlarge the gene pool, they mated Lalage twice to Lady Lambe’s English Springer dog, Ch Waddon Chase Duke, and the litters went in the interbred register then kept by the Kennel Club. Unfortunately, no one took advantage of puppies from either litter and it was left to Mrs Tannant Of Rhiwlas to discover a two year old bitch from one of them and bring her into the fold under the name of Sherelake of Rhiwlas. Sherelake was bred to Justice and her daughter, Red Imp of Rhiwlas, went to Royalist and two dogs from the litter feature in today’s pedigrees, Ronayne Regal and Gormac Teal, the latter dog later coming under the Tanants’ ownership.

Mr and Mrs Everton joined the breed under the Ridware affix and, acquiring Columbina, mated her to her half-brother, Regal, and bred the Jones’ second bitch, black ShCh Ridware Samantha, and the liver dog, Ridware Emperor was used on Morwenna to breed ShCh Little Corporal of Mittina. Lise and Vanessa of Mittina and Juno of Elmbury was put to Gormac Teal and bred Mrs Jones’ litter of Jonathan, SbCh Jillian and ShCh Juanita. Roger Hall Jones used Gormac Teal on Juno to produce the important Elmbury A-litter Ch Adam, Ch Adrian, ShCh Anna, ShCh Alice and Anthony.

Of the J litter, Jonathan of Mittina, mated to ShCh Mittina Little Owl, who was out of Lise and by Mittina
Shamus, a Jonathan son, bred ShCh Langvine Larch, reserve in the Gundog Group at Crufts, who is behind
the Shirmal and Coralmist lines on the maternal side, and ShCh Langvine Loganberry behind Silksheen,
Winterwood and Gatnefell. Descended from ShCh Juanita, who was the foundation bitch at Rimaelia, are the Donholmes, the Nadavins and the Sawoods. ShCh Jillian of Mittina was the dam of Templetrine Michael (by Ridware Emperor) and of Templetrine Mark Anthony and Little Bo Peep when mated to Anthony of Elmbury. Wedden and Tayowen are descended from these lines. Another Mittina litter which had an influence on today’s Fields was the breeding of Samantha to Little Corporal which resulted in the bitches Mittina Sara and Mittina Bonnie.

Of the ‘A’ family, Anna, who went to found the Dayhouse kennel, had four litters to Michael and bred a line of important Dayhouse matrons. Lydemoor, Silksheen, Nantddu, Moroto, Elgert and Winterwood are all descended from these. Two important dogs descend from Anna Dayhouse Barnaby behind the Shirmals, and Dayhouse Henry behind the Morotos. From the Lydemoors came ShCh Lydemoor Llewelyn of Nantddu and ShCh Lydemoor Lionel. From the Morotos Sh Ch Moroto Chorus, sire of the ShCh Coralmist Camillia and Conquistador, and of ShCh Shirmal Moonlight Serenade, winner of 23 challenge certificates, ShCh Moroto Chorister, Am Ch Glad Tidings of Westacres, one of the top sires in the States, and Moroto Choirboy who, when mated to the Edward Adam, mated to Mittina Bonnie, bred ShCh Dayhouse Bruce, the sire of ShChs Lydemoor Lionel and Llewellyn. Adam, used on the liver roan bitch Rhiwlas Lady Abernant, bred ShCh Adamant of Westacres,


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