Thursday, December 9, 2010


Mohajer-1 rocket-firing version
The Mohajer-1 rocket-firing version – armed with up to six RPG-7 rounds – was indeed used in combat against Iraq,which can be considered the first combat application of a weaponized UAS. It could also release grenades with a simple mechanism. The Mohajer UAS were in some cases also used for artillery correction, by sending data to the ground station and showing the impact point for the line commanders.

The positive wartime experience with unmanned aircraft prompted the Iranian leaders to endorse an expanded investment in the UAS industry, initially concentrated in the IRGC’s workshops and then transferred to a new industry entity, Qods Aviation Industries. The Iran Aircraft (Initially Helicopter) Manufacturing Industries (IAMI or, as it is called in Persian, HESA) near Esfahan, which was originally set up by Bell Textron to manufacture Bell transport helicopters in Iran, was also quite active in developing
and fielding its own range of UAS, named Ababil (a mystical bird).

Currently, Ababil is offered in three models: an aerial target, a long-range surveillance version equipped with INS/ GPS (both of these models have an aluminum airframe), and a fully composite UAS version. The UAS, a canard design,, is very maneuverable and has a range of 30 km, extendable to 120 km. It can climb to 10,000 ft and accelerate to 300 km/h. There are two new Ababil UAS models: a hand-launched version and a version with jet propulsion.

Recently, the IAMI design bureau has been working on a new generation of jet powered UAS, dubbed Ababil Jet (Hadaf-1), which has been designed around the Toloue mini jet engine produced by IACI’s engine industries (TEM). It has been reverse-engineered and is currently being used on C-802/ Noor anti-ship missiles, as well as on the Ababil jet-powered UAS and aerial targets (Hadaf-1). It can produce 3.7kN of trust with an RPM of 29,500. Toloue-4 is a three-stage axial design with a length of 1.3m. Perceived roles include aerial targets (carrying towed targets), cruise missile/fighter jet simulation for air and air defense crew practice.


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