Monday, November 1, 2010

Tutorial And Techniques Photo Shop 5D Animation

Hinging Body Part 5D Animation

Surpringsingly, flash lacks what most animators consider a “must-have” animation feature:
Inverse Kinematics. IK is a feature commonly found in 3D and in a handful of 2D animation programs. This feature allows for parent-child linkage relationships and articulation between objects. So how can we simulate IK in Flash? Once again it is the Free Transform tool to our rescue but keep in mind, this is not truly an IK solution. With Free Transform we can edit the center point of a symbol instance, thus editing the point on which the symbol rotates or “hinges” itself. Any simulation to IK is purely coincidental.

Way :

 1. Select the Free Transform tool O and then click on one of your symbols on your stage. The center point of the symbol is now represented by a solid white circle. Simply click and drag this circle to a new location. In my example, I moved the center point of the arm to where the shoulder is (approximately).

2. With the same tool rotate the arm symbol. It will “hinge” based on its new center point, making it easier
to position each arm movement in relation to the body symbol.

3. Repeat this process for each body part you want hinged. As you can see I even hinged the ear symbol as
well. Now you can start animating by creating additional keyframes and apply motion tweens throughout your

4. You can select multiple symbols across multiple layers and hinge them as if they were one single object. With the Free Transform tool still selected, hold down the Shift key and click on multiple symbols on the stage. The center point will now be relative to the center point of all the symbols selected.

5. This can be very useful for hinging the head of a character which may contain multiple symbols (eyes, mouth, nose, hair, etc.).

 6. The center point for each individual symbol will be retained but the center point representing multiple selected symbols will not be remembered once they are deselected.

Tips :
To select multiple objects, it is often easier to click and drag with the Selection tool across the objects on
stage. Make sure you set the center point for each symbol on frame 1 of your timeline. If the center point is different between keyframes where a motion tween is applied, your symbol will “drift” unexpectedly.
If not clear please Klick Titel Logo and Symbol Animation


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