Thursday, February 10, 2011

Staffordshire Bull Terrier In Fighting and Breeders

One of the most popular of all the terriers, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is renowned for his courage, which unfortunately can lead him into bad ways with other Staffordshire Bull Terriers owing to his great tendency to ‘get his retaliation in first’. With the human race he is kindness itself.  e is descended from a cross between the Bulldog and a terrier, and thus combines the Staffordshire Bull Terrier temperaments of the two breeds. Fortunately, his genuine love of children is well known. Despite his historical connection with fighting, he has become a great favourite in the showring, but this has not been allowed to affect his traditional rugged looks.

You may be aware that some breeds of Staffordshire Bull Terrier (and crossbreeds too) can be susceptible to inherited disease. Of course you want to be sure that the puppy you choose is as healthy as possible, and you would like to know that it has not inherited any undesirable disease-causing genes from its parents. There is some help in that DNA tests for diseases in purebred dogs are available for some conditions in some breeds, but there are not very many such tests just yet! There are also, however, a number of clinical veterinary screening schemes that dog breeders can use to increase the probability of producing healthy puppies.

Puppy buyers should be aware that, at present, the application of various health screening results to breeding programmes is not always straightforward, and breeders may make choices for various reasons. A responsible breeder though, will always be willing to discuss relevant health issues with you. Breed clubs are often useful sources of breed-specific information.


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