Sunday, October 31, 2010

Adding Texture Photo Shop CS3 - CS5 Tutorial

Adding Texture Photo Shop

 Bitmaps can be a very effective way to add texture to your designs. Since any image could be a potential texture, the possibilities are endless. For this frog character, I wanted a slightly more sophisticated look while still maintaining a cartoon feel. Instead of using solid color fills and some spot color shading, the use of imported bitmap textures added that extra sense of depth and richness.

Way Adding Texture Photo Shop:

1. The first task is to design your textures. A digital camera is a very handy device for this purpose. Take a walk around your neighborhood and you’ll quickly find an unlimited supply of interesting textures that can be used for your designs. Use Photoshop to adjust the color, add filters and crop your images. Remember to keep the image small enough for web output.

Step 2
 2. Select the imported bitmap and break it apart B ctrl B . Click on it using the Eyedropper tool. It will now be added to the Color Mixer as a swatch.

3. Using the Brush tool, draw your shapes using the bitmap as the fill color.

4. You can use the Bucket tool to fill your shapes with the different bitmaps you imported, broke apart and picked with the eyedropper.

5. Most likely the bitmap fill will need to be scaled, rotated or repositioned. Select the Free Transform toolf, and edit your fill using the various handles around the bounding box.

6. The final step is to convert all parts to symbols and add a slight amount of dark tint to the instances behind the character. This helps separate similar bitmap textures from each other and adds a touch of depth.


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