Monday, November 22, 2010

Totorial Design Auto Cad Mechanical

Mechanical Drawing Toolbar

Create drawings more accurately with purposebuilt tools. AutoCAD Mechanical provides options beyond those in basic AutoCAD software for drawing creation, including more than 30 options for creating rectangles, arcs, and lines; specialty lines for breakout views and section lines; and mechanical centerlines and hatching additions.

 Automatic Hidden Lines

Reduce drafting effort with automatically generated hidden lines that update to reflect drawing revisions. Perform 2D hidden-line calculations based on user-defined foreground and background selections that update automatically. These selections automatically redraw geometry, reducing the tedious manual task of trimming and changing properties of lines in AutoCAD. The 2D Hide feature also warns users of potential geometrical errors and provides a graphical workflow that is easy to learn and use.

 Constraint Manager
 Design more intuitively and efficiently by defining parametric constraints instead of manually drafting part geometry. Using the constraint manager, users can easily build intelligence into their designs by incorporating dynamic constraint relationships such as parallel, tangent, and perpendicular. Once the parameters are defined, the constraint manager automatically updates geometry to maintain accurate relationships as the design changes.

 Streamlined Design Environment

AutoCAD Mechanical features a streamlined user interface. Find your favorite tools and commands faster, locate lesser-used tools more efficiently, and discover relevant new features more easily. The result is less time searching through menus and toolbars, and more time getting your work done.

Quickly customize toolbars and settings with the Workspaces toolbar, which offers a pull-down menu
where designers can easily store and access different user-interface setups. Several prebuilt workspaces
ship with the product, including the classic AutoCAD workspace as well as workspaces that make it easier to learn AutoCAD Mechanical.

Power Dimensions

Quickly change, edit, or delete dimensions, saving significant time and effort. AutoCAD Mechanical makes AutoCAD dimensions easier to use with abbreviated dialog boxes that conveniently control and expand only the variables relevant for manufacturing. With automatic dimensioning, users can create multiple dimensions with minimal input, resulting in instant groups of ordinate, parallel, or symmetric items that are appropriately
spaced. Smart dimensioning tools force overlapping dimensions to automatically space themselves appropriately while integrating tolerance and fit list information into the drawing. Inspection dimensions enable users to specify testing criteria.

Associative Detailing Tools
Dimension Stretch

Easily update designs to specific sizes and shapes simply by changing the dimension values. The geometry of a design resizes accordingly. For complex designs, use multiple selection windows to choose exactly which geometry should be changed by the dimension value.

Associative Detailing Tools
Update drawings quickly with powerful tools that enable users to edit previous operations, saving valuable design time. Easily re-edit features without having to remove and re-create the original feature. For example, resize a chamfer using the original dialog parameters by simply double-clicking the chamfer.

Power Snaps
Ease the repetitive task of geometry selection by using task-based power snap settings. AutoCAD Mechanical includes five settings for object snaps, as well as many more options for selecting specific
geometry than basic AutoCAD software offers. Quickly choose the snap setting that works best for the task at hand.

Design Navigation

Use the design navigation feature to better understand how designs fit together. As the user moves the cursor across a design, a small window displays part names. Expand this window to show parent/ child relationships inside assemblies. The entire part geometry is highlighted, with a single grip placed at the base point and an arrow showing default orientation.

Software Developer Kit (SDK)
Customize and combine features in AutoCAD Mechanical to achieve higher levels of productivity.
The SDK for the API (application programming interface) provides information to customize and automate individual features or combinations of features in AutoCAD Mechanical. It includes updated API documentation and sample scripts.


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